Magic Silicone Wrap (6pcs)

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Do you like to keep your food fresh? Don't like to spill things all over the place?

If you said yes, then we have the perfect solution for you.

The Food Wrap can not only help you in all that but also will things so simple even your kids will be able to do it!

Made of Silicon, these stretchy lids make cling film a thing of the past. Simply stretch over your bowls, dishes or just the food itself, and keep your food fresh.

Each set of 6 Wraps will range in size from big to small, to ensure all dishes and foods are covered.

Package included:
6 x stretch lids (Regular size 6 respectively is 6.5 CM in diameter, 9.5 CM, 11.5 CM, 14.5 CM, 16.5 CM, 21 CM)