Waterproof Metal Permanent Match

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Product Description:

  • Million Match is just a nickname. From the principle and actual use, the Million match on the market can't reach 10,000 times of service life, but at least thousands of times can be used. There is no fuel inside the new Million Match. Please add fuel first, preferably the special oil for the lighter (high purity, high ignition rate, strong volatility). ​
  • For first time,use the metal strip to slide the protection on the side of the match box so that it can rub enough spark to ignite.​
  • In addition, the matchstick should not be over-burned.Because after burning, only the cotton rope was left.If the cotton rope is burned out, it is not easy to store oil. Of course, you can also remedy the cotton stick on the burnt matchstick.It depends on your hands-on ability.​
  • As for waterproofing, it means throwing the entire matchbox into the water. It can still be used after it is taken out. It does not mean that the lit matchstick is thrown into the water and will not be destroyed. Don't misunderstand it
  •  Add general lighter oil.
  •  After a few more strokes, the matt paint on the friction part is worn off, and the metallic color appears.
  •  Speed ​​and strength.
  •  You will be half successful when there is a spark!
  •  Once you complete it, you have to lick the oil.
  •  A light stroke is enough.
  •  For Million match,gasoline or kerosene or general lighter oils can be used. The dosage is very small, generally 2-3 ml can be used more than 30 times.